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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4.


In year 4 we work hard but we also have lots of fun. We understand that we need to be role models to the younger children in the school, it is great that they look up to us and we need to set an outstanding example at all times.


In year 4 we love to learn. We enjoy problem solving and getting our brains working in maths, we enjoy exploring powerful language in literacy. We love our topics and do extra work at home extending our learning outside the classroom.


In year 4 we prepare for the big jump to middle school by encouraging independence and taking on responsibilities within school.

Meet the Class!

Meet the Class! 1 Welcome to our Class Page.

Our School Council Reps.

Our School Council Reps. 1 Phoebe
Our School Council Reps. 2 Isaac

How we help in School.


In Year 4 we have special jobs to help in school. Here are some of the jobs we do.



Everyday we take turns to be rainbows. Everyone in the class is a rainbow 1 day a week. We are there to help on the yard at break time and lunchtime. We look after children making sure everyone has someone to play with.

  - If someone is lonely we will play with them.

  - If someone falls over we will help them and get a first aider.  

  - We also hand out the play equipment and make sure it is tidied away properly.


Lunch Monitors


Everyday 4 children from year 4 are lunch monitors.

We help the younger children eat their dinner. We cut

up food and pour water for drinks. We also make sure

all the children are happy and have had something to eat.







Digital Leaders

 Digital leaders help other children in the school with ICT. At the end of year 3, the new digital leaders went for training at the Apple store.


We go into classes in school and help children to use a range of technology.

Here is one of our digital leaders teaching a reception child how to control a beebot.





In the Spring term the digital leaders will run an iPad club for younger children and will teach them how to use a variety of educational apps.





After a long wait and a long time being very excited, Year 4 finally got to go to Robinwood just after Easter. Robinwood is a 3 day residential trip during which the children try loads of outward bound activities including; Climbing, Canoeing, Archery and Caving. There is also lots of team work required to solve problems in games like Dragons Quest and Dungeon of Doom and of course there is a deadly dip into the Piranha Pool !!!

Art Exhibition


This week we hosted a whole school art gallery, in which every child had a piece of their work framed and displayed.

In KS2 we created pictures of Morpeth. We looked at the work of Jim Edwards for inspiration, then went down to Morpeth to create sketches. We then painted our drawings using acrylic paints. The children worked really hard and they were so proud of their final pieces of work.

Art Exhibition

World Book Day 2016


We have had a fantastic World book day. The children came as their favourite characters from a book. We had lots of fantastic costumes including; Fantastic Mr Fox, Verruca Salt, Harry Potter, Horrid Henry, Gandolf the Wizard and Captain Underpants.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Chantry Technology Day


As part of Year 4's transition to middle school we took part in an excellent Technology day at Chantry. In the morning we were split into 2 groups. One group did a food technology workshop and made cupcakes and the other group took part in a design technology workshop and made a keyring.

In the afternoon we all took part in an ICT workshop and used the computers to create an animated scene.


We had a fantastic day and the children really enjoyed getting to know their new school.


Chantry Technology Day

Christmas Play 2015

Christmas Play 2015 1

Science and Forces.

Still image for this video
In Science we have been learning about forces. Our task was to use our knowledge of friction and air resistance to design a wind powered car. We had lots of fun putting what we had learnt into action !


Gallery 1
Gallery 2 We performed songs from Grease for Christmas.
Gallery 3 Learning about the history of Newcastle United.
Gallery 4 Last day of Year 3.