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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4



In year 4 we work hard but we also have lots of fun. We understand that we need to be role models to the younger children in the school, it is great that they look up to us and we need to set an excellent example at all times.


In year 4 we love to learn. We enjoy problem solving and getting our brains working in maths, we enjoy exploring powerful language in literacy. We love our topics and do extra work at home extending our learning outside the classroom.


In year 4 we prepare for the big jump to middle school by encouraging independence and taking on responsibilities within school.

Meet the Class

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Our School Council Reps

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How we help in School.


In Year 4 we have special jobs to help in school. Here are some of the jobs we do.



Everyday we take turns to be rainbows. Everyone in the class is a rainbow 1 day a week. We are there to help on the yard at break time and lunchtime. We look after children making sure everyone has someone to play with.

  - If someone is lonely we will play with them.

  - If someone falls over we will help them and get a first aider.  

  - We also hand out the play equipment and make sure it is tidied away properly.


Lunch Monitors


Everyday 4 children from year 4 are lunch monitors.

We help the younger children eat their dinner. We cut

up food and pour water for drinks. We also make sure

all the children are happy and have had something to eat.





Science Fun.


In science we have been learning all about the digestive system. We had a fantastic lesson using our new curioscope T-shirts to peer inside our bodies and learn about the different parts and jobs of the digestive system.

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Safety Workshops at Pegswood Fire Station, 31st January 2017

Staying safe was the topic of the day on our visit to Pegswood Fire Station.  We learnt about not only fire safety, but also water safety and general health and safety.  We had a great day; everyone at the fire station were really welcoming and their workshops were very interesting.  Check out the gallery page for more photos from our trip! 

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Maths Puzzle Day

This term we were really lucky to have the happy puzzle company in to work with us for a morning. During the morning we had lots of puzzles to complete that used maths skills. We had to listen to each other and work as a team. We had lots of fun.

After school there was a puzzle workshop where we got to work with our parents to complete some more maths puzzles. The hall was packed and we all had a great time! 


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Space Week 

This year our creative curriculum week was all about Space. Throughout the week we got to do lots of exciting science, technology and maths activities including measuring out a scale model of the solar system, designing and making rockets, writing letters to Tim Peake and learning about how astronauts live and stay healthy in space.


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The Big Draw

As part of the Big Draw our school has been lucky enough to work with local artist Daniel Weatheritt. Year 4 had a workshop with Daniel before the whole school got a chance to contribute to the giant book.

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Rocks and Soils.


This term we have been studying rocks and soils in Science. We have made our own compost bins to understand how food and leaves are broken down in the soil. We layered soil with some dead leaves and vegetable peelings and caught worms to break them down.

Making Compost Bins

Making Compost Bins 1
Making Compost Bins 2
Making Compost Bins 3
Making Compost Bins 4