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World War II

VE Day


To celebrate the end of our World War II topic, KS2 held a VE Day celebration.

In the morning children made placemats, flags and bunting for the party and a photo frame to take home. In the afternoon there was a street party with games, food and music.

The children all came dressed in WWII costume and everyone had a really fantastic day. It was the perfect end to one of our favourite topics.

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Evacuation Day


As part of KS2's World War II topic, the children took part in a fantastic evacuation day which aimed to give them the most realistic experience of what it would have been like to be evacuated. On the morning of evacuation day the children had to make air raid shelters that would fit their whole group inside and be strong enough to withstand an air raid. When the siren went off the children had to climb inside their shelters and hope they would withstand the 'bombs' dropping on them. After lunch it was decided the children needed to be evacuated. They grabbed their identification tags, suitcases and ration lunches and headed for the church. Once at the church they met the committee who told them were they would be sent for the remainder of the war. Children were sent to farms, blacksmiths, butchers, fishmongers and manor houses and were expected to help out with their hosts jobs.

Evacuation Day

Anderson Shelter

Anderson Shelter 1
In topic we have been learning all about air raid shelters. Bobby built this replica of an Anderson shelter at home. He used corrugated card and put soil around it to show the shelter would be dug into the ground.

Lancaster Bomber

Lancaster Bomber 1 Aaron Built a model of a Lancaster Bomber.
Lancaster Bomber 2 He used Knex and it took him 3 hours!