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The Romans

Roman Day

Last Thursday KS2 had a full day of Roman inspired activities as part of our Roman topic.  The children dressed up in Roman costume  and designed and made Roman shields. Made Roman coil pots out of clay. Decorated a mirror with a mosaic pattern and made a Roman delicacy of stuffed doormouse out of marshmallows and sweets.

The children learnt a lot about Romans and had loads of fun doing so !!

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Our topic for the Autumn term is The Romans.


In particular we will be trying to answer the question, What have the Romans done for us?


We started the topic by learning about the Celts who lived in Britain before the Romans to help us understand how the Romans changed life in Britain.


We had a visit from a Roman Centurion called Maximus. He taught us about life as a Roman soldier. We got a chance to dress up as a Roman soldier. We learned how to march and some commands in Latin. 

Visit from Maximus

Visit from Maximus 1 A soldier and a Centurion
Visit from Maximus 2 Getting ready for Battle.
Visit from Maximus 3 Drill Practise.
Visit from Maximus 4 Maximus the Centurion
Visit from Maximus 5 Wolf skin Hat.
Visit from Maximus 6 The Tortoise.

We learned lots of facts about being a Roman Soldier.


- Roman soldiers marched for 25 miles a day.

- Soldiers had to carry all their supplies like food, clothing, tents and armour when they marched.

- A Centurion was in charge of about 80 men.

- There was about 5,000 soldiers in a legion.

- You had to serve in the Roman army for 25 years.

- Soldiers carried a gold statue of Jupiters eagle into battle. Jupiter was the most important Roman god.

- It was the ultimate disgrace if the eagle was captured.

- A soldiers sword was called a Gladius.

- Soldiers also carried a spear clawed a Pilum.

Visit to Segedunum


As part of our topic we visited Segedunum Roman fort. Segedunum was the fort at Wallsend which is at the end of Hadrian's Wall.


We took part in 2 workshops and had a chance to look around the Roman museum.