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Superheroes 2013


SUPERHEROES - Autumn 2013


Whole school topic:


  • Unites school, ages, staff, parents.
  • Exciting learning incorporating children’s ideas
  • Staff love to do it.
  • Celebration at end of it brings learning together naturally
  • Parents always talk about their children’s enthusiasm



Think about topic during summer holiday – anything relevant.

Incorporate into staff meetings agenda for Autumn term to plan it together across school.

Thought-shower ideas in Key Stages then feedback to check overlaps.

Leave room for children’s ideas – as with all topics now.

Produce Long, Medium and Short term plans.

Keep evidence of work during topic.

Produce files of work to inspire.


Spin Offs:

Hall displays

Christmas Play

Original Songs

Excitement continues beyond topic and children start to expect it every year

New Curriculum incorporated


Creative Curriculum 2013 - Superheroes

Here is our last such topic around Superheroes which also led into our fantastic Christmas play, 'Kidnapped Christmas'. The activities the children undertook were great fun and go a long way to instil what we believe is a love of learning. We hope you agree.


Check out the gallery for photos from our Christmas play; “Kidnapped Christmas”

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5