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Site Security & Health and Safety

Site Security

Stobhillgate First School provides a secure site, but the site is only as secure as the people who use it.  Therefore, all people on the site have to adhere to the rules which govern it.  This means:

  • gates should be closed after entry or exit at all times
  • doors should be closed and locked to prevent intrusion
  • visitors and volunteers must only enter through the main entrance and after signing in at the main office
  • children must not open any of the main doors to adults or children
  • parents with children must enter and exit school by the designated doors
  • doors will be locked promptly at 9.00am by the caretaker (the electronic gates are programmed to open and lock at specific times of the day)
  • children will only be allowed home with adults with parental responsibility or confirmed permission; all classes hold a record of who has permission to drop off and collect children
  • children are never allowed to leave school alone during school hours
  • parents and/or authorised adults must sign out their child(ren) if collected during the school day (this signing out book is used to check on attendance as part of a fire drill/evacuation)


Welcoming Visitors

A vast majority of those visiting school in a professional capacity, i.e. school nurse, peri teachers, etc have relevant clearance however this is checked prior to admittance.  Staff within the school office are advised, where possible, when visitors are expected.  All visitors must adhere to the visitor information document that is given to them on arrival.


Health & Safety

The school has a health and safety policy which is reviewed annually by the relevant committee of school governors.   


Each term there is a fire drill that practices efficient evacuation from the buildings.  The school conducts an annual Fire Risk Assessment.  We have a fire policy and an educational program around fire safety and children.  The school also adheres to the emergency planning guidance issued by the Local Authority.


As the school is part of a shared site, joint site meetings take place to discuss any matters that may directly affect stakeholders of the school.