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Explorers 2015




Collating the planning across the school for this collapsed curriculum topic shows that the excitement the teachers have put into it has been reciprocated by the children.  The vibrant celebration assembly, too, proved this in front of so many parents who turned up.  Personally, I learnt so much I didn’t know through the children’s information and research.


The joys of a well-planned topic are manifold and the children’s enthusiasm comes back through parents and amazing homework – the learning isn’t confined to the classroom.


The big message there is that if we make learning fun, relevant and stimulating, we’ll catch the children’s enthusiasm and learning becomes natural.


Here’s to the next one!


Hope you like the flavour from samples of their work.





Year 2 had a great Explorers week; we looked at South America and where it was in the world.  We then discovered information about Sir Walter Raleigh.  We found out about artefacts in South America and all about archaeologists.


We looked at the Incas and their lifestyle and wrote some facts about them.  We even listened to some South American pan-flute music and made maracas.


Finally we looked at pattern making and design used in Inca Art and we made some geometric tiles for printing.  All of the children designed their own Inca Sun God and used scraperboard to reproduce their ideas.


A great week was had by all!



In Year 4 we have been exploring the continent of North America.


We started the week with a morning of Geography studying maps and atlases to find the continents and oceans of the world.  We then focused on finding the Capital cities of North American countries before focusing on Canada and its major towns.


In literacy we looked at Canadian foods, we made Maple syrup cookies and then designed adverts for our own Canadian bakery; inventing a slogan and describing our delicious products.  We also carried out internet research on the Native Indians and produced an information poster on an aspect of their way of life.


We looked in detail at the history and geography of Canada. Studying who has lived there, the different landscapes and habitats that are there before studying the Native Indian people who first inhabited North America.  We carried out a Geographical enquiry on the Native Indians looking at the different environments in which they lived, how they lived off the land and their social structures and gender roles.  We studied Native American art and built Tipi’s and a totem pole in the style of the Native Americans.  We also looked at the beliefs of the Native Americans and how their beliefs about the spirit world influenced their art.


We had a fantastic week and had lots of fun learning together.  The topic really inspired the children and they brought in lots of homework that they chose to do at home including power points and posters and crafts.