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British Values

Cultural and Spiritual - What It Means To Be British

Aims at Stobhillgate include:

  • Showing tolerance of and respect for the rights of others

  • Not undermining fundamental British values

  • Democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect

  • Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

  • Ensuring that personal beliefs are not expressed in ways which exploit pupils’ vulnerability or might lead them to break the law.


Methodologies include:

  • Visits to museums, galleries, parks and projects which provide opportunities for children to make connections about their place, in the community they live in

  • Celebrating British history and identity

  • Seeing positive role models through sport, jobs, local MPs, competitions and many other ways

  • Behaviour and values

  • PSHE and Citizenship

  • Local trips such as walks, castles, Hindu temple and Indian restaurant, often related to the topics the children study and inspirational aspects which we always aim to include as well as ideas that come from the children themselves

  • Celebrating events such as Chinese New Year, Royal ‘special’ days, sports events such as the Olympics and World Cups, World Book Day and utilising assemblies to highlight these, for example, UNICEF across the academic year and the work they do

  • Understanding other cultures through topics and special days/weeks

  • Church visits for festivals such as Lifepath and other projects and visitors coming to talk to the children

  • School council

  • World War II as a topic in Key Stage Two including poppies

  • Jobs parents/others do in our community

  • Social history

  • Local shows and celebrations such as Glendale farming show

  • Working closely with our neighbouring special school

  • Thinking For Learning and Philosophy for Children

  • Nuero- Linguistic Programmes

  • Peer massage

We discuss British Values as part of our assemblies in school.  Here is a copy of the slideshow used for our discussions: