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Ancient Greece

This term we are really enjoying our new topic, learning about Ancient Greece.


In literacy we are learning all about Greek myths. The heroic tales of hero's fighting mythical creatures have really inspired the children and they are really enjoying the topic so far.


The children have been doing some fantastic homework on Ancient Greece and are each building up a portfolio of work. Here is just a few examples of the work they have been doing at home.




Medusa 1

Making Greek Pots

Making Greek Pots 1
Making Greek Pots 2

Greek Homework

Greek Homework 1 A Greek recipe book with Medusa's bread head.
Greek Homework 2 Some Ancient Greek Pots.
Greek Homework 3 Greek coins stamped with Greek symbols.
Greek Homework 4 Greek coins of dirrerent amounts.
Greek Homework 5 Greek plate and cup made of clay.
Greek Homework 6 The Parthenon built on the Acropolis.
Greek Homework 7 Greek Top Trumps.