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Ancient Egypt

Visit from the High Priest

To start our Egyptian topic the children were visited by the High Priest of Ra the sun god. They learned lots of exciting things and were trained to become mini priests. They got to dress up like a priest and then he taught them how to prepare a body for mummification. They even had to remove the organs from the body and put them in the Canopic jars!


The high priest also taught the children how to play the Ancient Egyptian game or Ur. Which was really fun !


The children had a fantastic day and have really been inspired to learn more about the Ancient Egyptians.

Training to be an Ancient Egyptian Priest

Homework Projects.


Throughout the Egyptian topic the children have had a homework project to complete. The children were given 20 suggested  activities of which they had to complete at least 4. These ranged from creating a new set of hieroglyphics, building a pyramid, an information powerpoint on Egypt and creating an Egyptian game. In the last week before half-term the children presented their work to Mr Richmond and the rest of the school. 

Homework Project Presentation

We were AMAZED by the quality of the work the children produced. Every project was so different and showed how much the topic has inspired the children to continue their learning at home.

Our Egyptian Cartouches

Our Egyptian Cartouches 1
Our Egyptian Cartouches 2
Our Egyptian Cartouches 3
Our Egyptian Cartouches 4
Our Egyptian Cartouches 5
Our Egyptian Cartouches 6
Our Egyptian Cartouches 7