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If you would like your child to attend our school, please refer to the document below regarding admission criteria and arrangements:
For children in Year 4 who are due to move to Middle School, please refer to the guidance below regarding admission to Middle/High School:

Don't forget the deadline for applications for your child to attend middle school in September 2018 is 31st October 2017!!

Simply click on the link below to apply online via the Northumberland County Council portal


Stobhillgate First School is an ‘OUTSTANDING’ school and is a happy and successful place to learn.

Our School Aims state that;


“We believe that all children have the potential to become successful learners and we aim to prepare them for the future. We strive to provide a secure, happy and stimulating environment which will help children to learn and grow into confident, caring and thoughtful individuals.”


Northumberland County Council is obliged to admit all applicants to a school provided these do not exceed the school’s Published Admission Number (PAN). The Published Admission Number of each school for entry each September is published in the Admissions Handbook; our PAN is currently set at 30 per year group. If applications for places at a particular school exceed the Admission Number, priority is given in accordance with the criteria set out below.


Children with a Statement of Special Educational Needs that names a school on the statement must be given admission to that school before other applicants. Children with such a statement have no further rights under the School Admissions Code of Practice or this Admission Policy. However, it should be noted that where it is known before the allocation of places that one or more children with a Statement of Special Educational Needs have a school named on that Statement, this will reduce accordingly the number of places remaining available at that school.


A child in care (“looked after child”) is a child who is in the care of a Local Authority or who is provided with accommodation by that authority and is resident or will be resident in Northumberland by the appropriate admission date. Admission authorities must give highest priority to children in care in their over subscription criteria.


The priority order for considering applications is as follows:


  1. Pupils living within the catchment area of the school and those on whose behalf firm evidence is presented that they will be living in the catchment area by the appropriate admission date.
    You may be asked to provide evidence of residency in the catchment area of the requested school.
  2. Pupils on whose behalf evidence of exceptional medical or exceptional social need is presented. Evidence must be supported in a written statement by a professionally involved third party. The supporting evidence should set out the particular reasons why the school in question is the most suitable and must be submitted at the time of application.
  3. Pupils who have an older brother or sister who already attends the school and who is expected to be on roll at the school at the time of admission.
  4. Pupils living within the greater catchment area of the school partnership and those on whose behalf firm evidence is presented that they will be living in the partnership catchment area by the appropriate admission date.


Full details on admission to our school are detailed within our Admissions Policy.


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