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2014 - 2015 Planned Expenditure & Impact

Impact Data for 2014 - 2015

During the cross over period into assessment without levels, the school has maintained some traditional methods of assessing with levels.  The school is now moving into new methods whilst introducing assessment without levels in some year groups.


Year Group Progress Reading Writing Maths
2 (15 children)

3 sub levels

2 sub levels








Paired Reading:

All children are tested every year via the Salford Reading scheme.  The children selected to take part in the paired reading programme were chosen based on their score.  This programme was delivered over a 3 month period, for 15 minutes, 3 time per week.  It was supported by 3 members of staff.


60 % of PP children involved in this programme increased their reading age by 6 months or more.


Read Write Inc (RWI):

There are three main processes involved in writing; handwriting, encoding (spelling) and language comprehension.  Each process is taught discretely, step by step, so children are helped both in what to write and how to write until the how to write becomes so effortless, that all their energy can go into what they write.


On average, our PP children who participated in RWI intervention made 3 levels of progress within this programme.